A Letter to Moms

Is this an easy time to be a mom?

One in six children now has some form of developmental delay. ADHD and autism are now common, and rates are rising every year. Moms are trying harder than ever to raise healthy and empowered children, but for some invisible reason, it keeps getting harder and harder for them to develop naturally and thrive. Many of the best and brightest parents are feeling challenged. The things our parents took for granted are now a struggle for our generation and many of us even blame ourselves. However, I don’t believe this is our fault.

I’m a dad in Silicon Valley, and the objective on my resumé used to be “to empower people with personal technology.”  Technology has clearly made many things easier, but I learned the hard way that some technology is actually disempowering us and interfering with the most fundamental parts of our brains and nervous systems.  Like many people, I had assumed that wireless was safe and well tested. Then my children had developmental delays and symptoms of autism and my own health began to rapidly decline.  I was not able to sleep and had a hard time maintaining a healthy weight. In this weakened state, I became very sensitive to chemicals, certain ingredients in foods, and, finally, to wireless and electromagnetic fields (EMF).  I could feel a cell phone when it was used near my head and it didn’t feel good.  As a matter of fact, it made my thinking “fuzzy” for a period of time, usually around 40 minutes.  

My love of technology and its promise to empower people was now in stark contrast to our family’s real world experience.  I began to realize that I felt better away from technology and buzzing fluorescent lights, and recharged my body by hiking out in nature.  I started to reduce our exposure to wireless at home, too.  For years, this was a very personal journey as I watched my children recover and start to thrive again, and my own health returned.  I have found many other people who have had similar experiences and we have connected with the network of scientists who are now discovering exactly how this impacts us and our children. The rise of wireless radiation has fueled a growing movement of people who have been severely impacted and are advocating for safer wireless technology. Unfortunately, the harmful effects of wireless have been known for decades and have been ignored or covered up in the “land-grab” for wireless revenues.  

From one parent to another, as a warning, I would like to pass on this lesson that was learned through a great deal of pain and suffering. The microwave emissions from wireless devices are harmful, and there is now enough scientific evidence to justify reducing exposure. This is not the time to be overly trusting of government regulatory agencies and companies with a financial conflict of interest. This is not the time to be overly trusting at all.  As a matter of fact, it would be best if you tested this out for yourself, did the research, and came to your own conclusions. Start limiting exposures to wireless radiation, especially at night, and see what happens. How did you sleep? How sharp did you feel? How did your children behave? I have found that some of the effects are immediate, and some take several days or months as inflammation goes down and the body catches up.

You may discover, as I did, that this was the invisible factor that is making parenting in this era so hard. Please share this letter with your network of moms and friends and family members who you feel could benefit from it.


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