To: California Representatives Voting on SB 649

California SB 649 is a litmus test for industry influence. Are you going to serve California, its cities, and your constitutions, or are you going to be manipulated by AT&T and other telecom companies?

If you are inclined to vote yes, I want to make sure you are fully aware of several key factors:

The California Department of Health wrote cell phone safety guidelines for the public in 2010, but those guidelines were suppressed for 7 years until a lawsuit forced their release this year. Have you asked the California Department of Health or Cal EPA about the public health and environmental impacts of SB 649?

The largest class action lawsuit in the history of the United States is scheduled to start trial this fall in Washington D.C. The lawsuit is a collection of claims about cell phones and brain cancer. A recent similar trial in Italy found sufficient scientific evidence of harm and ruled against the wireless industry.

The final results of the National Institutes of Health’s 25 million dollar study on 2G cellular technology will be released in early 2018. The partial results, pre-released in May 2016, already demonstrated that 2G technology damages DNA and fails safety testing. Does 5G technology cause more or less DNA damage? Is it legal to roll out the network without safety testing and without disclosure and consent?

The weight of the scientific evidence shows wireless exposure causes sperm damage, including DNA damage. Scientists have found that 50% of autism cases have non-inherited mutations, mostly from the father’s side (sperm damage).  

In 2011, the World Health Organization listed radio frequency radiation (wireless) as a group 2B carcinogen (possible carcinogen). Researchers believe we now have sufficient evidence to move that categorization to group 1 (known carcinogen), the same level as smoking.  How would your yes vote be viewed when this happens? What are the ramifications for California’s Proposition 65?

The documentary film Generation Zapped will be released this fall. Just watching the 2-minute trailer is enough to create grave doubts about the safety of wireless in the majority of people who view it.

Have proponents of SB 649 made any disclosure of the health and safety implications of the bill? If not, how can you trust them?

Thank you for serving the people of California.

Peter Sullivan
Los Altos, California